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At MI-HQ, we go beyond just providing a place to work. That’s because we believe that success is not solely dependent on physical surroundings; it requires a holistic approach. That's why we're partnering with MI-HQ Enterprise to offer our tenants a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower them and propel them toward success. Through personalized business coaching, mentorship programs, networking events and more, MI-HQ Enterprise will work to ensure that our tenants not only have a space to work, but also the tools and support needed to achieve their goals and reach new heights.


Fractional Executive Talent Color ALT.png

Fractional Talent

The MI-HQ Enterprise Fractional Executive Talent program provides you with experienced and specialized professionals who work part-time or on a project basis to provide you with leadership, expertise, and strategic guidance in a specific area such as finance, marketing, operations, regulatory affairs, or intellectual property. This allows you to have access to high-level talent without the commitment and cost of a full-time hire, and to scale up or down as needed, helping you to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and achieve your growth objectives.

Networking Color.png


The MI-HQ Enterprise networking program connects you with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors through access to curated events and collaborative platforms, fostering meaningful interactions and enabling valuable partnerships. By providing a supportive community and ample resources, MI-HQ accelerates innovation and venture growth for your startup.

Pitch MAS YELLOW.png

Pitch Coaching & Database

The Enterprise pitch coaching service works with you to improve your pitch presentations. We provide access to professional templates, recording environment, and feedback on structure, content, and delivery to meet the MI-HQ Enterprise  standards. Additionally, we can house your pitch in our database, which is accessible to our network of partnered angel investors. This provides a convenient way for you to reach a wider audience and secure funding.

ICD Color.png

Initial Customer Discovery

Inspired by the NSF Innovation Corps, the Enterprise ICD program is an immersive experience for aspiring entrepreneurs,  equipping them with essential skills and knowledge to validate their ideas. Through intensive customer engagement and market research, participants gain insights into customer needs and preferences. The program fosters understanding of the target market, helping entrepreneurs refine their value propositions. With guidance from mentors, participants emerge with invaluable knowledge to launch successful tech ventures.

Mentorship Color.png


The goal of the Enterprise Mentor-In-Residence (MIR) Program is to provide startups with access to experienced mentors who can help them navigate the challenges of building and growing their business. This can be especially valuable for early-stage startups, who otherwise might not have access to the same level of expertise and guidance as more established companies.

Fundraising more Yellow.png


MI-HQ Enterprise will help you to check if your business is structured correctly to attract investment, and to evaluate your business plan and financials to ensure they are comprehensive, realistic, and demonstrate a clear path to profitability. It will also guide you on making sure that their business is registered correctly, has the appropriate legal protections in place, and is compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Cultural Assessments Color.png

Cultural Assessments

MI-HQ Enterprise and FS&A are partnering together to provide culture assessments for incoming startups, helping you to align expectations and ideals across your company. FS&A conducts reviews, surveys, and interviews to understand your company's culture and values, helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses, and providing recommendations to help you create a healthy, positive work environment that promotes employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, inclusivity, equity, and diversity.

Regulatory Oversight Color.png

Regulatory Oversight

The Regulatory Oversight Program provides you with guidance and support, ensuring that you comply with applicable regulations and laws in order to avoid legal and financial penalties, and to build trust with investors and maintain a positive reputation. In conjunction with our assessment services, we provide access to compliance and handling training for lab safety.

Brand more Yellow.png

Brand Consulting

The MI-HQ Enterprise team will provide guidance to help you establish a strong and memorable company identity, focusing on consistent visual elements, crafting compelling messaging, and creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website that is optimized for search engine visibility.

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